Friday, May 20, 2016

Naughtier bit from my Rose legacy 2.64

This is an excerpt and extension from my Rose legacy in my Random Simming mega blog. I've put it here because I try my damndest to keep it rated T. Donovan wasn't happy with that while I was writing, and this is the original before I made myself edit it. In order to have the mature warning, I put it here. I put in a bit that was in the actual chapter to let you know where it fits.

As for this blog, whether or not I continue it rests upon the circumstances that will come about in A Story With No Title, where Marie is. The timeline for that story moves much slower than it does here, hence why there hasn't been an update in years. Where the blog is currently, John, Elena, and everyone are visiting Marie on the island. John shows up as a surprise visitor in a courtroom scene when Marie testifies in chapter 103.

     He's all over me, his hands lingering in his favorite places. Then he moans and tells me, "My beautiful Shauna, you have done nothing but become more sexy."
     "No, I haven't," I argue, somehow managing to get my brain to function. It's a bit easier with his hand not torturing me like it was.
     He laughs in his throat. "Shall I prove it to you? That was fun while we were at university, and now I have more to play with."
     His hands squeeze me as he acts like he enjoys every part of my body.
     Then what he said sinks in. "More to... More to..." He thinks I'm fat! Donovan starts pulling up my skirt. My voice sounds annoyingly whiny as I say, "I know I've gained weight. I can't help it. I've tried. I'm sorry you're disgusted by it."
      "I have never liked how you saw yourself. You are not listening to me. You are perfect!" He takes a deep breath. "That is what I'll do first: teach you how you're perfect."
     He puts his finger on my lips. "Shh. Listen to me. I will cover every wonderful part of you, and you will listen. For the sake of every other thing I want to do to you, you need to first see yourself as I see you. Can you at least understand that?"
     I nod my head.
     "Good," he says with a small smile and kisses the tip of my nose. The haziness in my thoughts starts to clear, and I think he made it like that on purpose. I decide I'm right when all he does for a few moments is lightly stroke my cheeks with his thumbs. When I look up at him again, I see he's removed the sunglasses.
     I can't help it and throw my arms around his neck to happily kiss him. He grunts like he didn't expect that, but then he holds me in his arms and kisses me back. One of his hands moves down to hold my rear end, but I jump when he pulls it back and pops me hard. I open my eyes in shock.
     "No distracting me," he explains with a smirk.
     I quickly say, "I was happy the sunglasses are gone. I wasn't distracting you."
     He raises his eyebrows. "And in moments like this, don't argue with me."
     "I'm not arguing with you!" I protest.
     One eyebrow raises now as he waits for me to realize what I just did. I do nothing but purse my lips when I figure it out, and he smiles.
     "I'll start with the top of your head. Your golden hair: please, don't ever cut it too short. It's so beautiful that to get rid of too much of it would be a crime." He balls a bunch of it up in his hands before pulling down a single lock, running it between his thumb and forefinger. Our eyes meet, and he smiles again. "And then there are your eyes: my weakness. Blue eyes are my biggest weakness, and yours are like the midsummer sun at noon, a devastatingly bright blue." His lips lightly kiss my eyelids. "Your nose is adorable."
     "It's too big," I interrupt.
     "Excuse me?" he asks, and I realize I said what I said aloud.
     "I didn't know I actually said that out loud," I quickly explain.
     He lets it go. "It is not too big. It is perfect." He kisses the tip of it. "Then, there are your lips."
     He attacks me with a crushing kiss, similar to that night at the bar, but this one is more commanding whereas that night he'd almost begged.
     As quickly as it started, he stops, and I pant, trying to recover. "Your cheeks and your jaw were designed for me to stroke with my fingers."
     Sure they were. Yeah. Okay. If that's what you say, I think, still recovering from the intense kiss.
     "And your tasty neck is for my lips alone." He proves it by kissing me.
     "Your comforting shoulders have so many uses it could take me the rest of the night, so we'll leave these hard-working shoulders for other times, Mm?"
     "Okay," I breathe, and he takes my hand in his.
     "You have lovely hands, Shauna," he says sincerely, stroking my fingers with his thumb.
     "Donovan, please. Okay. I get it. I'm beautiful. You're right," I pant, readily agreeing to anything if he would only satisfy my growing lust. I want to rip his clothes off.
     "I'm not going to stop. I told you I was going to do this, and so I shall."
     I surprise myself when I whine.
     An excited gleam fills his eyes while a smile grows on his face. "Oh, yes. This is going to be fun." He pauses, watching me for a moment before he asks, "Anything else? Every time you interrupt me, it only makes this last longer. I don't mind." He grins.
     I stay silent, ever so slightly glaring at his grin.
     "No?" he questions playfully, and I say nothing. "Okay. Now, your arms." He takes his tongue and runs it quickly up the inside of my forearm, making me gasp in surprise. Then, he holds my arm steady to him and plays with the inside of my elbow, wiggling his tongue and making me lose my mind.
     "Please!" I cry out when I can't take it anymore.
     "I want to move on anyway," he tells me like it doesn't bother him one way or the other. His nose runs up the rest of my arm, and he starts kissing my shoulder.
     "What's this?" he asks in mock surprise. "You are too covered up." He removes my dress, and I almost-limply let him.
      Then, he sees my lingerie, and he loses his perfect control, laying me down on the floor and covering me with himself. His hands and tongue try to be everywhere at once, and I do nothing to stop him. Take me, Donovan! Please! Now!
      Panting, he presses his hips into me and tries to pick up where he left off. "Your breasts...are another place...that would need days." He rocks his hips into my hip, and his hand holds me and squeezes while he moans. "Do you see what you do to me?"
      I have truly never felt more desirable than I do at this moment. This gorgeous man is going crazy for me, and I'm not completely naked.
     He lifts off me, still panting, and he crouches over me on his hands and knees. Taking a steadying breath, he continues with his mission. "I always have...a good handful...but you fill my hand to overflowing, Shauna!" He leans down and runs his tongue up and down the cleavage he creates.
     "I don't want to stop, but I must move on or lose my mind," he insists.
     "The rest of me isn't going anywhere. Don't stop," I reason, and he moans.
     "No, Shauna. I need you, but I won't take you until you truly understand, and you don't yet." He moves down.  "Now, your stomach."
     I groan. Of all the places on my body, my stomach is the worst.
     "You don't like your stomach," he observes.
     "I don't," I agree.
     "Why?" he asks before digging his tongue down into my bellybutton.
     I loudly cry out and beg, "Donovan, stop it!" To get my stomach away from his close inspection, I roll over.
     "Oh, Shauna. You're distracting me again, but this time, I don't mind." He arduously kisses my lower back, running his lips and tongue around in a lazy fashion, and his hands come up and squeeze my ass. "You have such a beautiful back, but forgive me if I'm enthralled by your ass." His tongue slowly runs up my back, and his hands pop my rear end several times.
     He lies down somewhat next to me, one of his legs between mine, keeping them separated. He props himself up on his elbow, and I turn to look at him. He doesn't see me as I watch him watching himself fondle my butt. Then, he must feel my eyes because he looks over at me, his eyes darker with lust. "You have a perfect ass, Shauna. You have no idea how I have obsessed over it for weeks."
     I smile wickedly. "No, I think I have some idea where your eyes would frequently go."
     "I knew it. You were teasing me on purpose, taunting me with your perfect ass." His hand moves up and slaps one cheek enough to sting.
     I gasp and try to move away, but he holds me still before leaning his torso over my waist and keeping one of my legs trapped in between his. My breathing picks up speed.
     "You knew I wanted to do this, and now that I know you've been teasing me on purpose..." He keeps going, varying the degree of the mild pain.
      Since my legs are parted, his fingers stray forward towards the floor, and his strikes start more frequently happening lower and forward. My nails dig into my palms when my hands fist themselves as he decides to completely focus his attention between my legs, giving me the most bizarre spanking of my life. His other hand holds my other thigh, keeping my legs separated.
      I moan when he picks up speed.
      "Don't worry, Shauna. I will very soon be spending plenty of time how much I like being between your legs," he promises. "After all, I promised to make you scream."
      He jerks down my panties, pulling them off. Then, he gets up to walk into his bedroom. He comes back with a pillow. Then, he rolls me over, places the pillow behind my head, and leans down to kiss me.
     When he lifts up, he asks, "Are you beginning to understand?" His hand lazily travels over my breasts.
     I nod. "Yes."
     He kisses my nose with a small smile. "Good." Then, he moves down to my feet. "But I'm still not done." He picks up one of my feet and runs his tongue up the sole before bringing my entire big toe in his mouth. He starts sucking on it, and the feeling of his coarse tongue on the underside of my toe makes me gasp and start wiggling around uncontrollably.
     "Oh, plum, Donovan!" I whine, and he lightly bites me. I cry out louder.
     Acting satisfied, he wordlessly licks me up the inside of my foot to my ankle. Then, his hand wraps around it. The other hand grabs the other one in the same way, and he pushes them forward, making my knees bend. His eyes hold mine when he purposefully pulls them apart, exposing me to him.
     His gaze moves downward before he openly stares at me, his mouth hanging open. "I'm finished talking, Shauna. I want to bury my face between your legs. Use the pillow if you need to." Before I can even process that he said those things and trying to remember what he means by the pillow, he rushes forward and digs his tongue down into me.
     I loudly cry out while he acts like he's getting comfortable, wrapping his arms around my thighs and pressing down into my stomach. His shoulders push my thighs up, giving him better access.
     Then, I realize why I'm going to need the pillow.
     Light, rapid flutters from his tongue start driving me wild. He doesn't stop! How can he not stop! I cry out his name, but he keeps going. I vaguely notice he does take half a second to breathe, but he doesn't stop, and the wild way it feels starts making every cell my body want to explode. I try panting to relieve the intensity, but it's not enough! My cries get louder, and they do nothing but encourage him.
    That's enough! I can't take it anymore! He has to stop before I lose my mind! I try to tell him but can't form the words.
    He continues mercilessly.
    It's too much, and I scream. He doesn't stop! I wish I could beg...something! All I can do is scream again.
    In my wiggling, my head had left the pillow, and my thrashing hand finds it. Without thinking any more about it, I bring it to my face and scream as loudly as I can into it as I come to Donovan's tongue's will.
     He starts kissing me up my stomach, and I pant for dear life.
     "Your stomach is wonderful. It's just what it should be," he tells me, but I have no brainpower to respond. "Do you know," he asks me, "that even the stomach of a stick woman wrinkles up when she sits up?" He doesn't wait for an answer. "It's true. Photoshoped photos have ruined women's image of themselves. They're not real, and women starve themselves, thinking that makes them sexier. I ask you something, Shauna. Which would you rather lie down upon: a bed of rocks and sticks or one of soft pillows?"
     I close my eyes, still catching my breath.
     He lifts himself over me and continues with his lecture. "A woman needs to be soft to be the perfect complement to a man's harder body." He surprises me when he swiftly enters me, and my gasp mingles with his sigh. "And you are the softest woman I've ever known."
     With that, he starts making love to me on the floor of the little house. For a moment, I'm transported back to a time when we were both in college. He was so sweet to me, and I'd worried that with all his talk of a 'darker personality' that he'd be unbearably rough. He's not. He's Donovan, just Donovan, and watching him as he delights in my body turns me on again, and I start matching his movements. He moans, and his eyes close as he loses himself in me.
      Pleasure shoots to my fingertips as he starts getting close, and I whine.
     "Oh! Shauna! My Shauna! I love you!" He leans down and ardently kisses me, moaning when our bodies crash together several times.

    I lie on my back on the cold tiles of the little house's incomplete kitchen, Donovan lightly running his fingers across my face.
    "I will move the things out of my bedroom right now if you would sleep with me tonight," he tells me in a begging way.
    Where was that 'darkness' you spoke of, Donovan? I think with a smile, running my fingernails around on his gorgeous chest.
    "Will you stay?" he outright asks.
    "As long as you want," I answer.